We cannot ignore the ever increasing and improving concepts and styles which are emerging with modern materials and new and advanced technology. In kitchens and bathrooms, the invention and design of “micro-cement” enables one to best impress their own expressions in creating bath tubs, shower bases, wash basins and kitchen work surfaces. All of which retain an authentic feel, with a subtle design and decorative impact, whilst meeting the desired requirement of elegance and functionality.


On the floors, the polished concrete, very fashionable in loft conversions and modern constructions, gives a slightly “industrial” touch and can be offered in various finishes, including polished, textured and non slip. Able to lay this directly onto any existing surface, without the need for additional routing, vastly reduces time and expense.


Continuing with the traditional design, the choice of 1,001 elegant textures and formates of tiles, the warmth of parquet flooring, classic stucco, the strength and simplicity of iron stairs, the transparency of glass, the durability of cement …….. and, moving outside, the typical stone walls, “Pinyol” style stairs, terraces, “chill out” zones, swimming pool of all shapes and sizes, pergolas and much, much more.


In essence, an infinite variety of choice and opportunity to turn a dream or project into a unique and sensational reality; The Perfect Home.


    • flooring, tyling, parquet
    • polished cement floors
    • micro-cement baths and kitchens
    • stucco
    • BBQ
    • pergolas
    • swimmingpools
    • stone work